Tasks are an outdated feature within Select, this feature will be removed from WizeHive in the near future.

Tasks are items that need to be assigned and accomplished in order to accomplish the program in question.  These items could represent activities in a project plan or they could represent a list of β€œto-do's”. Tasks can be assigned to yourself or they can be assigned to other members of your Workspace.

While Tasks were once an integral part of WizeHive, they are now one of the more outdated features and can not be used to automate events or send reminders.

How to add a Task

When you select the β€œ Add Task” button, it will bring up the following page below:

After selecting the Add Task button, you will see the display below.  Define your tasks in the square box on the left and then proceed to complete the following attributes of the task:

  • WorkspaceThe Workspace that the task should be associated with
  • Page:  Identifies the entry that the task is specifically associated with (if any)
  • Person:  Identifies the person that will be assigned responsibility for completing the task
  • Priority:  Identifies the priority that you are assigning to the completion of the task
  • Status:  Identifies the status of the task (open, hold, complete)
  • List:  Identifies the List or Group that the task is a part of.  Lists are defined by the administrator.
  • Due Date:  Identifies the due date by which the stated task must be completed.
  • Repeat Task:  Identifies whether the task should be repeated.
  • Attach Files: You can also attach files to Tasks if there are instructions or other information that is important for the assigned resource to be aware of in completing the task.

When a task is marked complete a line will be placed through it. This status is kept on the screen so that the tasks that have been completed are still visible to the member who may have created the task and assigned it. The user has complete control over whether completed tasks should be visible by modifying the display for the Task screen.  More on this can be found in the section entitled Layout Options.

Group by

You can group your tasking in a variety of ways. Clicking on the 'Group by:' dropdown the following options will appear:

  • None:  Lists tasks in the order they were created
  • Priority: Groups tasks by their priority, highest priority at the top, lowest at the bottom
  • Person: Groups tasks by the person the task is assigned to
  • Status: Groups tasks by their status (open, completed, in progress, archived, or on hold)
  • Page: Groups tasks by the entry they are associated with
  • List: Groups tasks by the list they are in
  • Create by: Groups tasks by the person who created them
  • Due date: Groups tasks by when they are due
  • Completed: Groups tasks by date completed, all not completed tasks are grouped at the bottom

Layout Options

When clicking Layout Options you will be presented with the following options that control the chart of tasks.

  • Pick Fields to Show - checking a box will make a column in the listing of tasks with that field. The text associated with the Task will always appear
    • Workspace: Workspace the task is held in
    • Person: Who the task is assigned to
    • Due Date:  Date the task is due
    • Completed Date: Date the task is completed
    • Page: Entry associated with the task
    • List: List the task is in
    • Created Date: Date the task was created
    • Status: Status of the task
    • Priority: Priority of the task
    • Created By: Person who created the task
  • Limit Text Display:  Determines the maximum number of characters from the text that will be displayed
  • Use Columns: Checking this box displays the tasks as a chart, unchecking it will display the tasks in a list
  • Color By: You can select to have tasks that share given characteristics to have the same color. For example, if you select to color by priority, all tasks of priority 1 might be green, while tasks of priority 2 could be red.

Everyone's Tasks / My Tasks

Clicking on this will provide you with a dropdown menu that lets you select whether you want to view everyone's tasks or only your own.

Data Options

Clicking on Data Options will present you with the options seen below:

  • Pick status to include:  Allows you to check which status you would like to appear in the listing of tasks
  • Show all due dates / Filter by due date: Select if you'd like to see all tasks or limit which due dates appear
    • Show all due dates: Tasks of all due dates appear
    • Filter by due date: Provides you with the option to select tasks that were due in the past, today, the next two weeks or in the future
  • Show the following priorities: Allows you to check which priorities you would like to appear in the listing of tasks
  • Lists to Include: You can select to show tasks from all lists or a specific list
  • Clear/Archive Completed Tasks: Removes the completed tasks from the Tasks tab


When clicking on more, you will be prompted with a dropdown that has the following options:

  • Print: brings you to a printable version of the tasks listing
  • Archive Completed Tasks: Removes the completed tasks from the Tasks tab
  • Add Task List: Creates a task list
  • Manage Task Lists: brings you to a page to manage lists, it functions just like the manage folder function
  • Export: downloads task listing as a .csv file
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