Activity Stream

As people start to make entries, move entries, and upload files, an audit trail of these actions will appear in the Activity Stream. The Activity Stream will also display system-generated activities within the Workspace as well as activities entered by people in the Workspace.  This is a very important feature of WizeHive as it helps the administrator understand what has changed or occurred in the Workspace. Using the activity stream empowers the administrator to better understand why the entries in the Workspace are what they are and what changes occurred along the way. 

Activity Stream Overview

If you hover over an entry in the activity stream, you have the option to:

  • Tag: Enter tags that will appear in the sidebar. Tags are categories that can be assigned to notes or records.  Separate the tags you assign by commas if you want to enter more than one.
  • Edit: Allows the text in the Activity Stream, the workspace the entry is in Workspace, or entry associated with the action.
  • Delete: Deletes the entry
  • Reply:  Posts a reply comment to the activity. This feature also provides the ability to attach files to the reply being sent
  • View: Shows the thread of the activity in a pop out box

The sidebar is visible on the right hand side of this page. It provides an overview of your entries, folders and tags for the Workspace. By selecting an entry in the sidebar, the activity stream will only show actions associated with that entry.

Adding Notes to Entries

On the Workspace Activity Stream, you can add a note to the Activity Stream. The ‘Add Note’ button will bring up the area where you can enter the text of your note. You can select the Workspace, entry, and define who should be able to view the note.  To add a tag, type # then either type in a new tag or select from the list that opens. You can also attach a file to the note. Click Save to save you note.

Viewing Emails in the Activity Stream

Emails sent from your workspace will be shown as an activity in the activity stream. Viewing the email is not possible at this time.

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