Starting your Self-Service Contest with Buzz

With our online contest software, you can quickly set up a photo contest or video contest to receive applications that accept a variety of multimedia file formats including photos, video and audio. Follow these steps to get you up and running. 

Setting up Your Contest

  1. To set up and deploy an online contest, first visit and click on Contests

2.   To get started enter your email address.

3.       After entering your email address you will be prompted to choose either the Do It Yourself or the Custom Pro contest. The Custom Pro version offers all of the Do It Yourself features and also allows you to add additional features to suit your unique needs. The Do it Yourself contest offers both standard and premium pricing (you will can choose this option once you are in the configure contest screen. See step #5 ). The pricing for the Custom Pro contest will vary based on the additional features you choose.

4.     After you choose your contest type you will then be prompted to create a Username and Password. This Username and Password is what you will use to log into your WizeHive account.

5.     After creating your Username and Password you will begin Configuring your contest. In the top right corner you will see your contest plan choice. Click on that plan and you will be given the options to stay with the Basic Plan or upgrade to the Standard Plan.  You can change your contest plan throughout the initial set up process.

Configure your contest

Configuring your contest is easy. Contest set up is divided into 8 tabs.

  1. Contest Basics
  2. Entry Options
  3. Entry Form
  4. Timeline & Judging
  5. Page Content
  6. Design
  7. Rules
  8. Review & Pay

Contest Basics

(The features available to you in the tab will vary depending on the contest plan you choose.)

In this tab you will enter:

  • Contest Title
  • Tagline-one-liner that defines your promotion
  • Publish this contest to-You have 3 options:
    • Microsite- We'll host a contest site for you and you can link to it from your own site
    • iFrame- The contest will display through an iframe on your own web site.
    • Facebook Fan Page-The contest will display on an identified Facebook fan page.
  • You can publish your contest to both a Microsite and a Facebook Fan Page, or an iFrame and a Facebook Fan Page.  You can also select each option individually.
  • If you select Microsite, you will enter a Contest URL-This is the URL you want to use for this contest. Use the default or enter a shorter one that includes your company name. Do not use spaces and try not to use odd characters
  • If you select Facebook Fan Page, you will enter a Contest URL and your Fan page URL. You will also have the option to Enable Like-Gating (Like-gating forces your viewers to like your Facebook page before viewing your contest). You can use our standard like-gating image or upload your own. You will also have the option to utilize the skip tab page. The feature will allow users to skip your tab page and go directly to the contest app.
  • If you select an iFrame, once you save the settings and pay for the contest, you can go back to the workspace and select 'Publishing Instructions'. This will provide a pop up with the iframe code


Entry Options

In this tab you will enter:

  • Contest Type
    • Photo
    • Video
    • Audio
    • Text Entry
  • Name & Email Address- Entrants will receive confirmation emails shortly after entering. This is the name & email address those emails will appear to come from.

Entry Form
In this tab you will create your entry form: (Your choices in this tab will vary based on your contest plan)

  • A basic entry form is already created for you. You can use that form or modify it to fit your contest needs. You can add fields to your form by using the ‘Add a New Field’ box on the right side.

  • By clicking into each field you can change field labels, add specific details, and add instructions for users.

  •  You can delete fields by clicking on the waste basket  
  •  You can also change the order of your fields by clicking on the  

Timeline and Judging
In this tab you will choose your voting option and judging timeline.

  • Voting Options- You can choose how many times and how often people can vote. You can also choose how and if votes are displayed. You will also have the option to choose you style of voting.
  • Public voting
  • Public Voting, then private judging
  • Private judging
  • Private judging, then public voting

  • You will also choose the timeline for your contest.
    • Entry Period
    • Public Voting Period
    • Winner (s) Announced

Page Content
This tab allows you to customize the different portions of your contest site. You can design each section to fit your contest needs. If you do not want a page to display in your contest, you can uncheck the box labeled “I want this page to appear in my contest.”

This tab allows you to choose a design theme from various options. If you have chosen either the Standard Plan or the Custom plan, you will also have the ability to choose additional customization options.

In this tab you will enter the Rules and Privacy Policy for the contest. You can use the provided WizeHive Templates for both or, you can use your own.

Review & Pay

In this tab you can review your contest and submit payment.

Managing your Contest Data

After your contest is created you can manage your contest data in your contest workspace. Go to click sign in and log in with the username and password you created at the beginning of your contest.

In your contest workspace you will see 5 tabs:

  1. Dashboard-This is the first tab of your workspace. You can view your recent activity. You can also access quick links; Workspace Settings, Configure Contest, and FAQ’s. 
    1. Workspace Settings-this will allow you to customize your workspace. It will also allow you to choose different setting for your WizeHive account.
    2. Configure Contest-this will take you back to the Configure Contest builder you used to start your contest.
    3. Frequently asked Questions (pdf)- This PDF offers answers to various commonly asked questions.

2.     Entries-You can view all contest entries in this tab. You can change the entries ‘View’ to organize the entries by group category. The group category dropdown allows you to categorize each entry that is received. The tab will also be where you can choose the winner (s) of your contest

3.    Activity Stream-This tab allows you to see all activity for each particular entry. It also allows you to organize your entries by folder. You can also add notes to entries.

4.  People-This tab shows you which people have access to your workspace. You can also add people to the workspace in this tab. Click on the green ‘Add People’ button and you will see 3 options for adding people to your workspace.

5.       Reports- This tab allows you to create reports containing your contest data. You can create a report by using the ‘Add/Edit Views’ button. This will open your Report Writer. You will then click ‘Add a View’. This will allow you create a report selecting the information you would like to report on. 

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