FAQ for Self Service

Setting up your contest

How do I get back to a contest I've already started to build?
Go to https://www.wizehive.com. Click sign in and enter your information.  This will take you to your workspace screen. As you set up more contests, they will all appear here. To edit a contest, click on the title, the click on Configure Contest on the right side menu.

How do I change fields on my contest?
There are a few fields that are required depending on what style of contest you choose to run. You can customize these by changing the label or instructions for the user, but you cannot remove them!

You can make fields required, you can hide them from displaying to the public and you can require a specific type of answer from entrants. Keep in mind that if you select Alphabetic, entrants can only enter letters, no spaces or symbols.

How do I start a new contest?
Once you sign in to WizeHive, click on Create a new workspace on the right side menu. It’ll pop you into the contest wizard that you used to set up your previous contest.
Can I change the length of my contest?
Absolutely! You can run your contest for any length of time. You control the length of each part of the contest as well, whether it is the entry, voting or judging period. 
Can I run a contest in a different language?
Bonjour! We’re excited people from all over the world are interested in WizeHive. Unfortunately, our build it yourself contests are designed with English baked in. You are more than welcome to upload content in any language, but the tabs always display in English.  Please let us know if you are interested in WizeHive offering multiple languages as a feature, the more interest, the faster we’ll include it on our feature wish list.
Why can’t I publish my second contest?
Are you trying to add it to your Facebook Fan Page? Please let us know if you are having problems and we will take a quick look

Once your contest is Live

Can I still edit my contest once it is live?
You can still edit fields on a live contest. Keep in mind that previous entries will not change, so be careful when editing a live contest. You cannot change the timeline of a live contest, as you’ve already been charged for it. Please send an email to support@wizehive.com if you need to extend your contest, or change any of the dates.
Is it possible to have more than one winner?
You can select as many winners as you’d like and they will all be shown. However, you cannot select a winner and continue to run the same contest, winners are selected only at the end of a contest.
Where will winners be shown?
The winners will appear as the default view on the View Entries tab. Entrants will be able to see all entries by selecting different views from a drop down menu.

Contest Design

Can I preview my contest before it goes live?
At each step of building your contest, you can save and preview your contest. As you are building the contest yourself, we recommend making your contest live, ensuring everything looks and feels the way you were expecting, then announcing your contest. This extra step of testing will help your contest run smoothly and make you look like a pro. 
How do I make my contest look more exciting?
The best way to make your contest look great is to upload a header and a home page graphic. You can design it however you like, but make sure you scale your images to exactly the same size as indicated on the design tab. This will ensure your contest looks great and everything works properly. Note: To help with this, we won’t let you upload a file that is a different size, so if you are having troubles uploading, check the size of your image before anything else. 
Upload an example entry for people to understand how it works. The best way to get inspired and creative entries is to show people how you’d like entries to look. Spend some time submitting a great entry and display it on the View Entries tab to give people an idea of what is expected of them.
Give people as much relevant information as you can. When entering a contest, people will want to know all of the rules, who the judges are, what the criteria for judging is, what the prizes are and why you are running the contest. The more relevant information you give people, the more effort they will be willing to put into the contest. With so much to communicate, it is important that you only include the relevant stuff and cut out the extra stuff.
Is there a way to include features that aren’t available?
We are happy to work with you to get your contest running exactly the way you envision it. Please get in touch.

Contest Entries

How do I get more people to enter my contest?
First, make it easy to enter. For example, video contests encourage a high level of engagement, but they take a long time to prepare, shoot, edit and upload. Instead, try a photo contest.
Next, take the time to market your contest. People won’t enter if they don’t know about it! Consider creating some highly targeted Facebook Ads, Or send out an email to your newsletter list that includes a link to your contest. Check out our blog for some additional tips. You can try everything from press releases to blogger outreach.
How come I don’t see any entries on my contest?
On your timeline & judging page, you may have selected that you would like to approve entries before displaying them on your site. If so, you’ll need to check for new entries and approve them before they display. You can do this by clicking on the entries tab in your workspace, then selecting Displayed under the Group dropdown menu.
How do I see all the attachments an entry has?
Under the entries tab in your contest work space, click on a entry. You’ll see their submission in the box on the right side of your screen. Click on tabs to the right of the Submission tab to view attachments right in WizeHive.
Can people upload more than one entry per contest?
Yes, you can make email addresses unique, or let people enter as many times as they’d like, please consider the goals and parameters of your contest when selecting this option. 
How do I see all of the entry details?
Log into your WizeHive Workspace and click on the Entries tab. You can view all the information entered right from here.
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