Social Sharing in Portals

Social Sharing in Portals

A public voting portal may be a simple gallery that displays submitted entries or it may be a voting portal where the public can vote on submitted entries. 

The portal can be a stand-alone webpage that is hosted on or the portal may be hosted in an iFrame on your website. If WizeHive is hosting the page, social features are easily implemented -- the disadvantage to you is that you have little control over the look and feel of the website.  When the portal is hosted in an iFrame, the client has more control over the site, but social features are complicated to implement.

If you are implementing social features in an iFrame it is important that your WizeHive implementation rep includes the iFrame code url and your Facebook Fan Page URL in the Portal Settings.  Your WizeHive implementation rep will set this up from you when you provide them with the information. 

After you talk with your implementation rep and decide which social features you want to include, your Implementation rep will provide the iFrame code to you.  If your portal is not hosted in an iFrame, there is nothing else that needs to be done. 

If you are hosting your portal in an iFrame, WizeHive will need to provide you with the html language to embed in your site.  You implementation rep will also provide Open Graph Tag information.  It is your (the client)'s responsibility to update the  Open Graph Tags on the website where the portal is hosted. Your webmaster should be familiar with Open Graph Tags and should have no trouble updating them. They will send you instructions. 

Social features should be tested when implemented. 

Please be aware that the following information will be shared for specific Social Sharing options when your implementation rep sets up your social sharing for your portal:

For your reference, following are screenshots of what will appear when your user clicks on each social sharing icon in your portal.  These screenshots will clarify what specifically is being “shared” from your contest for each social sharing option.

  1. Facebook:  Shares information as defined by graph tags.
  2. Twitter:

3. Email:

4.  Google+1

5.  ShareThis

6.  Pinterest

7.  LinkedIn

8. Tumblr

9.  StumbleUpon

10.  Reddit

11.  Wordpress

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