Field Type Glossary

Within the form builder, you will see that there are a number of different ways that you can capture information from your applicants: you can have them enter information into a text box or paragraph box, select one or more options from a predetermined list, and upload files.  The different ways of capturing information are referred to as Fields.  

This article will introduce you to the field types available to you. 


One-line Text: A field that takes one line of text (e.g. First Name).

Text Box: This field type is used for entries such as an essay or a long paragraph answer. 

Dropdown: Displays a list of choices. 

You can set the dropdown to accept one selection only:

Or you can set the dropdown to allow multiple selections:

Checkbox: Displays a list of checkbox items, where a user can pick as many choices as they like. 

Radio: Displays options to the user in the form of radio buttons where user can only pick one answer.

File Upload: Allows the user to upload a file.


While our system accepts most type of files, we cannot guarantee that all files .will convert successfully to be previewed through a WizeHive feature (such as the Private Review Portal & Backend of the system). When a problem file in encountered please take reasonable steps to remedy the issue including requesting a new file from an applicant. If you request that WizeHive convert, "fix", or otherwise manipulate a file that is unable to be previewed then we may need to charge on a per applicant basis to convert the file. Please Contact us if you have questions or require assistance.

Special Input

Date: Accept a date from someone. 

By default this shows a text box to input text and a pop-up calendar to select a date. 

You can change this to 3 dropdowns (month, day, and year).

Year: A preset drop-down of years. 

Country: A complete preformatted drop-down of Countries. 

State: A complete preformatted dropdown of US states (which can be set to include Canadian provinces as well).

Thumbs Up/Down: This field type lets you add a simple thumbs up / thumbs down graphic field to the form. This works as if you had a “yes” / “no” option on the form.


HTML: A very powerful tool and will be used frequently. In the simple mode simple text can be entered, bolded, underlined, italicized or linked to other items. If you switch to advanced mode within the HTML field a large number of options exist. Within this field type you can change font colors, sizes, add images and videos, etc. Read more about HTML fields.

Heading: Typically utilized to separate sections of your form, especially if the form is lengthy. You can change the appearance of headings in the properties tab.

Presentational Text: Typically just a line of text or paragraph of text on a form. 

Vertical Space: Allows for additional space to be placed between one field and another or between one section of the form and another.

Page Break: Lets you put in a page break onto the form. 

Specialty Fields

Calculated Field: You can use calculated fields to perform math on other fields and show the result on the screen and in reports. Read more about calculated fields.

Hidden Field: A field that is not visible on the form.  This can be used for hidden calculations.

Subform: Inserts an existing form inside the form being made. The user can add and delete copies of this form into the parent form.  Read more about subforms.

Zengine Lookups: If you are utilizing our other product, Zengine, you can prepopulate fields in select from the Zengine database. For more information on this field, please contact WizeHive.

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