Advanced Cart: An Introduction

Essentially, an Advanced Cart is a type of application form that allows multiple submissions from the same user.  Whereas a regular application form allows just one submission per email address, an advanced cart allows applicants to manage multiple submissions and drafts from one portal and one set of credentials.  

The Advanced Cart can be utilized to collect payment as well; however, this particular article covers the Advanced Cart without payment.

To include Payment features with your form, please review  Advanced Cart Forms with Payment.

What is an Advanced Cart?

When the structure of a program requires the input of information from a single user for multiple transactions, the Advanced Cart form is desirable.  Examples of where the Advanced Cart form would be helpful might include:

  1. Where a customer is running a contest and wants entrants to be able to submit multiple entries
  2. Where a customer is running a program that requires payment for entry
  3. Where a customer is running a program that wants to apply discounts dependent upon the type of user or type of specific user attributes
  4. Where a customer is running a program where multiple entries are desirable and a portion of the information entered on the first entry should remain static for additional entries

The Trade-offs of using an Advanced Cart


Never under any circumstance move a submitted application back to the Drafts Folder. If you believe this is absolutely necessary -- Please contact our Support Team for assistance.

  • The recommendations tab does not work
  • Follow-Up forms do not work
  • Scheduling tab does not work
  • Cannot allow resubmit once an applicant has paid for their submission (Checkout Completed)
  • When turning on resubmit, make sure that you do it in the form settings AND the Advanced Cart settings

Advanced Cart Uses

An Advanced Cart form is utilized to enable multiple submissions from the same user.  The form functions as multiple Application Forms that originate from the same user.  Advanced Cart forms should be utilized wherever multiple entries might be created and submitted by the same user.  

The Advanced Cart has several other unique features, separate from an Application Form.  An Advanced Cart allows you to save a draft,  submit an entry, submit another, or submit and checkout.  After you submit an entry, you will be shown a “review” page that shows you a “review” of the entry.  To formally submit an entry, you are required to “checkout”.  Without checking out your entry or entries would not be formally submitted to the New Submissions folder.

Who can create an Advanced Cart form?

The advanced cart setting must be turned on by WizeHive Support. Please contact to have this feature turned on.

Advanced Cart Settings

Once your Advanced Cart is turned on, you will gain access to control over its settings.  When using an advanced cart without payment, most of these tabs will not need to be edited.

What follows is a summary of the Advanced Cart settings, with notations for whether or not they should be edited if payment is not being utilized.

  • General: does not need to be edited.
  • Profile: Through this tab, you can designate a field or set of fields which will be saved into a user profile and will be autopopulated in subsequent entries. For example, an applicant may enter his/her first name, address, and phone number in their first entry. If those fields are indicated as part of the Profile, when the applicant goes to enter a second entry, the first name, address, and phone number will be carried over from the first entry.

  • Pricing: does not need to be changed; the default is $0.00.
  • Checkout: does not need to be changed; this is also set to ‘Free’ by default.
  • Export: does not need to be changed.
  • Text: The ‘Text’ tab will be the most frequently used tab on an unpaid advanced cart form because the default setting is generally confusing for applicants. More information about Text can be found in a separate article here. INSERT LINK
  • Coupons: does not need to be changed.
  • Products: does not need to be changed. 

ALWAYS click through the Advanced Cart Wizard and FINISH, saving your changes through the Form Settings menu.  If you do not, you may experience issues with your Application Form at submission.  For further information on each tab pertaining to non-payment Advanced Carts, please see the below articles.  To include Payment features with your form, please review Advanced Cart Forms with Payment.

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