Votes Tab: Viewing and Analyzing

For contest programs, the Votes tab can be used to tally the votes that have been entered for each entry. It can also show you the IP address from which the Vote originated, if there is any suspicion of voter fraud.

What does the Votes tab look like?

The Votes tab will specify the date of the vote, IP address of the voter, and the name and entry ID of the chosen entry.

How can I use Votes to determine the winner?

To determine a winner, specify the period of time that you wish to include in your vote count. Run the report and then export the report to a CSV file. Once you have the CSV file, save it as an Excel workbook. Place filters on the spreadsheet in Excel and then sort the list by Entry.  You can then use the COUNTIF feature of Excel to determine the number of votes by Entry.

What else can I do with the Votes tab?

By clicking on an entry's name or an IP Address, you'll be able to see only votes for that entry or from that IP address respectively.

To delete votes, check the boxes on the left of the votes you wish to delete then select Delete Votes.  This can also be used to delete non-vote reviews completed in a non-contest program.

Note: Deleting all votes

While the votes tab allows you to delete Votes individual and per page, there is not an option to delete all the votes from a workspace. If you require all the votes to be removed please contact our Support team. Clearing a large amount of votes may result in charges to the Professional Services on your account. Support will discuss any charges prior to them being applied.

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