How to Reset Judges' Passwords

This article covers one method you can utilize in order to reset your judges' passwords. It involves re-adding them into the existing workspace in order to overwrite the previous password.


Oftentimes, reviewers and judges forget their passwords and may ask you for assistance. Or you may utilize the same reviewers and judges from cycle to cycle, but wish to reset their passwords each year. These are tasks that you can do yourself, just by readding these judges to the workspace, using the same exact email address, and entering the desired password. 

However, please note that this can only be done for Limited Users.  If your users are Full Members or Administrators who have forgotten their passwords, you should instruct them to use the Forgot password link on the sign in page.

You can do this for your limited members for a single judge or for many judges.  For an overview of how to add people to workspaces, please see  Add People.

Updating a Single Judge's Password

If you are hoping to update the password of a single judge, who is a Limited Member, first be sure to make sure that their email address is already in your list of People and is spelled correctly.  In this example, we will be updating the password of

Once you have verified they are already in the workspace, click Add People and Create an Account for Them.

On the Create Users page, reenter their email address exactly as it, and then enter their new password.

Click Validate and Preview, then Create Users.

Your judge's password will now be updated to the one you just created.

Updating Multiple Judges' Passwords

The process of updating multiple judges' is very similar to the steps above, except you will be adding more than one email address.  In this scenario, we are updating passwords for both and

Once we have entered both emails to the Create Users page, we have two options. We can give them both the same password, or assign a unique password to each.

If you would like to give them the same password, just enter the password in the Default Password box and hit Validate and Preview.

If you would like to assign them unique password, you would format each line as follows:

email address, password e.g., newpassword

Once you have entered all judges' emails and new desired passwords, press Validate and Preview, then Create Users, in order to update all passwords.

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