Form Builder: Property Fields and Validation Options

Property fields, or Validation Fields, are used to validate information on a form. It's useful for ensuring that data being collected is the data desired, such as an Email validation on the field designated to collect email addresses. In this article, we go over our most common types of property/validation fields.

Common Property Fields

  • Label: Represents the name of the field that appears on the form.
  • Name: Represents what the field will be called within WizeHive. It is best to keep this text short but clear.
  • Instructions for User: Instructions represent the text that will appear when a user hovers over the “?” icon that will appear next to the field. This text helps the user obtain additional instructional information about completing that field.
  • Required: Does not allow the user to submit the form without completing the given field. If selected, the field will be accompanied with a red asterisk.
  • Hidden from Applicant: Hides the field from the applicant, it is still visible in the backend of WizeHive.
  • Hidden From Limited Users: Hides the field in the review portal from limited users.
  • Default Value: The text, if any, that appears on the form when it loads.
  • Read Only: Does not allow the field to be edited by the user.
  • Maximum Length: Maximum amount of characters the user is allowed to input when filling in this field
  • Field Width (in units): The approximate number of characters that can be visible at one time in the text box. Note the user can still enter more characters, they just won't be able to see all of them at one time.
  • Width: Width of the box, the approximate number of characters that can fit across one row. Around 50 is a good value
  • Height: Height of the box, the number of lines of text that can put added before the scroll bar needs to be used. Around 6-8 is a good value
  • Maximum Length: Maximum amount of characters the user is allowed to enter into the field
  • Minimum Amount of Words: Prevents the user from entering less than the given number of words
  • Maximum Amount of Words: Prevents the user from entering more than the given number of words

Validation Options

  • Alphabetic: Requires an input of only letters. No numbers, symbols, or spaces.
  • Alphanumeric: Requires an input of only letters and numbers. No symbols or spaces.
  • Currency-Dollar: Allows an input of a number with at most 2 decimal places. The user may or may not have a '$' to start the number.
  • Email Address: Requires an input that follows a valid email format. Note this does not verify the email exists and does not send a  confirmation  email to confirm the email.
  • Number: Requires input of only numbers (0-9) with at most one decimal point. Does not allow commas, letters, or other symbols
  • Unique: Requires a response that has not been used in that field in any other submitted form.
  • Zip: Requires a 5 digit number, does not verify the zip code matches the city and does not verify it is an existing zip code
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