Linked Webforms

Linked Web Forms

Linked Web Forms are useful for Advanced Cart Forms because they do not support Follow-Up Forms. From the applicant or entrant perspective, they will receive an email providing them with a unique link to the Web Form. The user will not have to log in, and thus, cannot save a draft.

When the form is completed the entry will be linked to the applicant's entry from the previously completed form. Each entry has a unique Page ID, this will be used in the URL of the Linked Web Form to link the form to the applicant's previous entries. To create a Linked Web Form, create a Web Form in the same way as you would with a regular  Web Form. Then send the applicants an email with following URL:[SLUG]?page_id=[PageID].

You need to replace [SLUG] with the slug from your form. This can be found in Form Settings (shown below). The [PAGEID] needs to be the applicant's unique page ID. For information on automatically including an applicant's page ID, read   Action Tab: Send Email.

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