All Files Overview

At the My WizeHive level, the All Files tab provides access to files that have been uploaded through a form as well as any other file that has been uploaded in association with the record in question. Files can easily be uploaded into WizeHive Select. Use the actions icon to download, tag, view, reply or lock a file that is listed via the Files tab.  The actions icon appears just left of the file name and appears for each file listed.  

To upload additional files or delete a file, go to the workspace and record in question and click on the actions icon next to the file name to see and select the action to be performed  or click on 'add+' to upload another file. Files that you have created offline (i.e. spreadsheets, presentations, etc) can be uploaded easily into WizeHive using 'add+'.  In addition, you can create a new spreadsheet and documents using our online editors. 

For each of the files that have been uploaded, you have the ability to download, tag, reply, view, or lock the file from being edited. 


We recommend that caution be taken when interacting with files from the All Files Tab. Please make sure that you are interacting with the proper files as recovery of accidentally deleted files is subject to certain charges depending on the circumstance.

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