All Tasks Overview

Tasks are an outdated feature within Select, this feature will be removed from WizeHive in the near future.

The tasks tab at the MyWizeHive level displays tasks that have been created across all Workspaces you are a member.  You have several modification options within this tab. All functionality of this tab follows the same structures as the Workspace Tasks tab. 

Read  Tasks to learn more about these functions.

Group tasks that are displayed on My WizeHive Task screen by: 

  • Priority: Tasks can be assigned a priority of 1-5. 1 is the highest priority.  5 is ithe lowest.
  • Person: Member of the workspace
  • Status: The state of the task.  Tasks can be: Open, Completed, In Progress, or On Hold. 
  • Page: Refers to pages that have been submitted
  • List: Task list
  • Created by: Person who created the tasks
  • Due Date: Date which the task is due
  • Completed: Organizes list by Completed tasks

Layout Options.  You can select fields that will display in the tab.  Your options are:

  • Workspace: This will show the workspace that the task is found in
  • Person: This will display the person the task is assigned to
  • Due Date: This will display the due date of the task
  • Completed Date: This will display the date the task is scheduled to be competed
  • Page: This will display the page that is associated with the task
  • List: This will display the list that is associated with the tasks
  • Created by: This will display who created each task
  • Status: This will display the status of each task
  • Priority: Displays the priority assigned to each task

You also have the option to:

 Limit text displayed to x  characters
  Use columns 
 Color tasks by:
  • Priority: Changes the task text depending on the priority assigned to the task
  • Person: Changes the task text depending on the person that is assigned to the task
  • Status: Changes the task text to red, green, or blue depending on the staus
  • Page name: Changes the task text to represent the different page name associated with each task
  • List: Changes the task text depending on the Task List is is a part of
  • Created by: Changes the task text depending on who created the task
  • Due date: Changes the task text to reflect whether the due date has passed or not
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