All Activity Stream Overview

The All Activities Stream tab at the MyWizeHive level displays notes and replies entered by people, as well as system-generated activities such as new entries and workspace members, across all of your workspaces.

All Activity Stream Basics

At the MyWizeHive level, you can view the following across workspaces with the All Activity Stream tab:

  1. Notes and Replies entered by people
  2. System generated activities such as:
    • A person joining a Workspace
    • A new task
    • A entry being moved
    • A entry being deleted

The activity window can provide you with a stream of notes (think twitter) and/or serve as an audit trail for your Workspace.

Activity Stream View Options

With the View option you have the option to see all activity or to one of the more specific views described below.

  • All Activity. View all activity that has occurred within the workspace. (Default view)
  • Notes Only. View only internal notes with the workspace.
  • Notes and Replies. View only notes and replies with the workspace.
  • Entry Related Activities. View only activities related to entries (creation of, deletion of, etc).
  • Task Related Activities. View only activities related to user defined tasks.
  • File Related Activities. View only activities related to a file upload to the workspace.

Activity Stream Settings

You are also provided with Settings.  From the Recent Activity Settings, you may select:

  • Display date can be either Absolute (the date it occurred, i.e. MAR 25, 2011 10:27AM) or Relative (the amount of time that has passed, i.e. 2 days ago)
  • Limit the characters displayed in the text to a certain number of characters. 

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