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So you've decided to create your own form! Congratulations! Let's get started.

We want your program to be as successful as possible.  We've put together this basic list of questions to help you outline a basic framework for your application.  Consider each section carefully and then use the links to help you get started!

What are you trying to accomplish by creating this form? 

Think about the kind of data that you are trying to capture, whether others will enter data, whether you will enter data, or if you will have a defined set of people making entries.

How do you want to capture entries? 

Do you need the ability to have others enter data, save a draft and return to complete an entry?   Do you need to allow folks to make entries without the ability to update them? The answer to this question will have direct impact on the type of form you set up for data collection in WizeHive. For more information on form building and data capture, go to  Forms Overview.

What folder structure do you want the system to keep track of to support your data entries? 

Go to  Organize Your Workspace for more information on how to set up your desired folder infrastructure. This will help you to organize where new entries will be added to your infrastructure and how to manage the entries you want to perform further action on.  Go to the Files Tab for more information on how files can be attached to an application or on how additional extraneous files can be added to a record through the back end of Wizehive.

Who else should have access to your workspace and do you want people to be able to make multiple entries? 

Take a look at our People Guide guide for more information.

Do you want to automate Workflows to support your application? 

Automated Workflows are one of the most powerful attributes of the WizeHive system to save countless hours of administrative time. Once you start using them, you'll be hard pressed to do without them! Find out more about Workflows and Workflow setup at the  Workflow Overview.


You can set up reports on just about any information regarding your Workspace inclusive of the entries, the reviews and some standard fields as well. Look at the Report setup at the Reports Overview for more information on how to add views/reports in your Workspace and make the most of your data. You can EXPORT that data as well for further analysis in excel.


Reviews can be created so that internal or external users can provide reviews of applications, contests,or any form. If the review is to be private, you can set up a  private review portal. You’ll be pleased to know that with this review information you can write a report on the back end of WizeHive to assess the review results.

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