How To: Add/Update Assignments

Level: Basic

This article details how to add or update reviewer assignments when they are assigned by a folder (aka NOT batch­assigned).

Make Sure the Assignments Tab is Enabled in Your Workspace

If you do not see the Assignments tab active in your workspace, go to Manage Tabs in order to do so.

Find the Assignments row and click Show, and then Save, in order to activate this feature.

Navigate to the Assignments Tab

Go to the Assignments of your workspace. You will see a default screen that looks something like this.

Filter on the Folder You Want to Assign

Click the Assign Button to Create New Assignments
If assigning by individuals, click Assign next to the applicant's name. If assigning by folder, click Assign next to the folder's name.
Check Off Judges' Names to Create the Assignment
After clicking Assign, a pop-up comes up, listing each judge with a checkbox next to his/her name.

By just clicking that box, the assignment will be made.

Remove or Change Assignments

If you want to change an assignment, you just need to uncheck a checkbox next to that judge's name, for that particular assignment.

Note: if an assignment has been applied by folder, and you want to remove a particular assignment for one individual within this folder, this will not be possible. You will need to unassign the entire folder by selecting Assign for that folder and deselecting the checkbox for that particular reviewer. You can then manually assign the reviewers that should be assigned, one by one.

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