How to: Add Members to a Workspace

Level: Basic

You have the ability to share your workspace with members of your organization/team, and to control their level of access to the workspace.  Below is outlined how to add members to your workspace.

Make Sure the People Tab is Enabled in Your Workspace

If you do not see the People tab active in your workspace, go to Manage Tabs in order to do so.

Find the People row and click Show, and then Save, in order to activate this feature.

Navigate to the People Tab

Go to the People Tab of your workspace. You will see this default screen, a list of everyone currently in your workspace.

Click Add People

Click the Add People button.

On the following screen, click you will be presented with three options.

It is strongly recommended to choose the third option, Create an account for them.

Here are a few reasons this option is the most practical and reliable:
1. The first two options involve an invitation to be sent which puts more pressure on the member being added where they are now responsible for creating their own account.
2. Because the first two options involve a WizeHive ­generated email, sometimes these emails get automatically filtered into SPAM or are blocked by internal company settings.  This makes it difficult/impossible to ensure users will actually get added to the workspace and can cause a headache for both the user being added and the administrator responsible for getting them in the workspace.
a. By creating the account for them, you know a few things for sure:
i. That they are actually being added correctly
ii. That they are being added with the specific status you want them to be (Administrator, Full Member, or Limited Member)
List the Emails of the People You Want to Add to Your Workspace

Follow the instructions on the screen to list the emails of all your new workspace members.  You will see that there are two password options: (a) you can create a password for each user; or (b) you can set a default password that applies to all users.

Step 2 of the instructions outlines how to create a unique password. Step 3 outlines how to set a default password.

Your list should look something like this, if creating unique passwords.

Your list will look like this, if creating a default password.

Validate and Preview

Click Validate an Preview after you have added your users.  The system will check that you have entered email addresses correctly (e.g. that you have utilized @ signs, haven't left extra spaces, etc).  In the example below, we forgot the period from

To correct this, you can simply edit the emails in the boxes above and press Validate and Preview again.

Create Users

Once you have validated and no longer find errors, press Create Users. This will add your users to the workspace.

Update Statuses

By default, your users are added as Limited Users.  You can learn more about user types  here.  If you would like to change your users to a different status, you can click Limited User in the status column and select from the dropdown menu provided.

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