Troubleshooting Workflow Issues

If you are attempting to set up a Workflow for the first time, it is recommended that you review the Workflow article and also try the following steps to help you work through your workflow setup.

Brainstorming a Workflow

  • Write your intended workflow down using WORDS
  • Write down your workflow in the form of IF/THEN statements. 
  • The IF is the Trigger
  • The THEN is the Action that should occur.
  • We use diagram software to build our workflows for our clients. Ask us about use cases!

Building a workflow

Define the specific conditions under which the Trigger should be triggered, e.g. if Country of Residence = USA; if Program of Study = Psychology
Define the Actions that are to occur. The setup of Actions should include “conditions” under which the Action should take place.
Link the appropriate Actions to the appropriate Trigger. A Trigger may be associated with more than one Action.
Enter sample data and “Test” your Triggers/Actions. Use the  workflow log to help analyze why the Trigger/Action has or has not been run.  

Deeper troubleshooting

The workflow report will also provide you with a visual of which triggers are connected to which actions.

If you follow these steps but continue to experience issues, review the Workflow article or shoot us a message if you're stuck.

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