How do I send a recommendation request?

If your application process requires requesting 1 or more letters of recommendation or reference, here is what to do.


 Finding the Recommendation Feature

Each application form has a main menu. The first time you enter your application, you may not see it, but by clicking Return to Menu at the top of your application form, or by saving, logging out, and logging back in, you will be brought to the Main Menu.

Here you should see a button 'Add or Edit Recommendation Requests' (or some variation thereof).  

Clicking that button will bring you to the recommendation request module.


 Adding a New Request

Note that each organization will request different information about your recommender, and that the below is only an example.  When you click Add or Edit Recommendation Requests, you should be brought to a screen like this:

Asterisks (*) will mark required fields. Enter the information about each of your recommenders.  If you have more than 1, click Save & Add Another in order to bring up another set of fields:


 Submitting a New Request

At this point, you can save your recommenders' data to send the request later, or you can submit the request now. If you choose to submit the request now, you should:

a) Leave the box checked that says Send the recommendation request when I press Save

b) Click Save & Exit

At this point, a screen like this will appear:

Here, you can add a personal message to your recommendation before clicking Send.  

Note that it is strongly recommended to contact your recommender from your personal email before sending this request, in order to (a) verify he/she is willing to complete the recommendation; and (b) notify him/her that a recommendation request will be coming via email.


 Editing a Previous Request

It is sometimes possible to edit a request that has been made already. This depends on the settings that your organization has set up. If it is possible, then the fields will appear editable in your form. You can edit them and press the Resend Request button.



If you are experiencing any difficulties, please see My recommender said he/she didn't receive a recommendation request.

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