Best browser when using Select

Notice to IE users

WizeHive does not recommend the use of Internet Explorer in order to access its Select product due variances in display and capabilities that may be experienced. Our software can still be accessed from the IE application, but experiences may vary. For the best results, WizeHive recommends using one of the following internet browsers listed below.

We recommend using the current and previous version of any browser for optimal performance of our software. More specifically, here are the following browsers and versions our software supports:

*If you experience technical issues with the most up-to-date browser, please attempt to revert to up to 2 versions back. Email with questions concerning the current stable release.

Browser Settings

Make sure that JavaScript and Flash are both enabled on your browser and that you do not have a Firewall or pop-up blocker that is interfering with the software. 

To enable JavaScript, see, the appropriate help site for your browser:

To install flash, go to:

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