Why am I experiencing printing issues?

My print job is taking a long time

If you have requested a bulk print job from the  Actions tab, your print job will appear in a queue and will be indicated as processing.

Note: Print jobs go into a processing queue that contains not only print jobs requested by other clients, but also batch assignments, data copies, bulk moves, etc across all workspaces. Depending on the time of day, print jobs could take as little time as 5 minutes or as much time as one hour to process, as other jobs go through the queue.

I am receiving an error message

  • Did you select a folder without an submissions?
  • Did you select a form without a data?
  • Did you select an upload field that has not been utilized for attachments?

Please check that all folders and forms involved in your workflow have submissions and data.

If you have waited over one hour for your print job, or if you continue to receive an error message after checking the above, please contact support@wizehive.com

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