Advanced Cart Forms with Payment

If you are on this page, it is assumed you have already read the  Introduction to Advanced Carts.  This article covers how to utilize an Advanced Cart to collect payment from applicants.  Payment is commonly required for art and design contests and competitions. 


Never under any circumstance move a submitted application back to the Drafts Folder. If you believe this is absolutely necessary -- Please contact our Support Team for assistance.

Note about payment processing

It is important to note that the Select system does not process payments. Payments made a processed by the vendors (listed below). The Select system passes the information from platform to the vendor for processing.

What payment vendors are supported?

WizeHive currently supports four different payment vendors: PayPal,, WorldPay, and Sterling.You will need to have a business account with one of these vendors in order to accept payment.

What pricing setups are available?

Applicants will be able to submit multiple entries, and you can set it up such that the first entry can be priced differently (per cart) from subsequent submissions. Additionally, you can set it up such that prices are different depending on applicant's responses to particular fields.  Common examples include: Member versus Non Member pricing, Student versus Professional pricing, or U.S. versus non-U.S. pricing.

Which settings do I have control over?

The  Advanced Cart Advanced Settings article touches on the various Advanced Cart settings, which are listed below. Pay take note below of the tabs marked " Used for Payment Only", as these are pivotal in setting up your form to require payment.

  • General
  • Profile
  • Pricing (used for Payment only)
  • Checkout (used for Payment only)
  • Export
  • Text
  • Coupons (used for Payment only)
  • Products (used for Payment only)
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