Changing a Review Form

Changing a Review Form

Switching the default review form to accommodate multiple rounds of review


Please refrain from attempting this process while you have an active review process as changes may lead to data lost. Recovery of data is subject to professional service fees. If you are unsure, please contact

Why change a review form?

Most basic set-ups will contain one round of review with one review form.  That being said, you may have unique needs and may have different reviewer types, different rounds, etc.  The following setup would be used only when the rounds are completely separate and do not overlap.

Things to take into consideration

  • Only used in situations when the rounds are completely separate and do not overlap.
  • Round 1 Scores and Comments will not be deleted, but cannot be seen while the Round 2 form is active.
  • Scores and comments from both forms are viewable in reports.

Steps for Switching the Review Form


After Round 1 is finished, Change the Review Form in Form Settings to to the form built for Round 2

Confirm the Review Score field is set to the final score used to refer to the total. Usually, “Total Score.”

Change the Max Score to the maximum calculated score on the review form. Click SAVE.


Upon reopening Form Settings, click "Recalculate Scores." 

Then click Save again.  This will establish the new connection and review form.


The steps above do not address assignments.

If new assignments are needed, meaning different reviewers will review different applicants in Round 2, then proceed to the Assignments tab.

Click “Delete Assignments." This will clear out the previous Assignments. It will not clear out the previous reviews.

If the same assignments are needed, keep in mind the status is cleared:


  1. Reviewer is assigned to review Applicant using 1st Round Review Form
  2. Reviewer reviews Applicant using 1st Round Review Form
  3. Applicant has a 1st Round score.
  4. 1st Round Review Form is switched to 2nd Round Review Form
  5. Scores are Recalculated, Applicant now does not have a score, though the 1st Round Score can be found in Reports
  6. Reviewer maintains assignment to review Applicant, but now is listed as an incomplete assignment. (The complete review status is cleared.)
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