Conducting Multiple Rounds of Review

At any given time, you can only have one form set as the default review form active round of review.  That being said, WizeHive can be tailored to your unique review process.  If you have multiple stages of review and/or multiple reviewer types, please consider the circumstances laid out in this article in order to determine if your process can be accomplished and how we can help.

If You Have Two or More Reviewer Types

If you have two different reviewer types (e.g., financial aid office, board members, volunteer judges), consider the following:

  1. Will they be reviewing simultaneously?
  2. Do they use the same review form, assessment, or rubric?
  3. Should their total scores be added together, or does their scoring occur independently?

If You Have Two or More Rounds of Review

If you have multiple rounds of review, consider the following:

  1. Do the review rounds overlap? In other words, do they take place simultaneously, or at different junctures?
  2. Do the review rounds each utilize the same review form, assessment, or rubric?
  3. Should the scores of round 2 be added together to the scores of round 1, or are they separate entities?

What Next?

If you have considered the above questions and have found that you answered yes to one or more, WizeHive is happy to assist*. Please lay out your process answering the questions above before contacting or your implementation lead for further assistance. 

*May be subject to charges in the form of Professional Service hours. WizeHive will review this charges with the account owner prior to applying them.

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