To further organize the users of your workspace, you can utilize Groups.  This allows you to group your People/workspace members into Groups that can be used for Assignments, Communications, Privileges, and other aspects of the workspace.  Groups can take the form of regional committees, judging teams, categories of users, etc.

Add Groups

To view existing groups or add a new group, access your People tab.  Where it says Show: People, click this button and select, Show: Groups instead.

In order to add a new group, click the green Add Group button, then name your Group.

Your groups will all appear listed as a column, and all People of the workspace will appear horizontally across with checkboxes. Checking a box and pressing Save will add that person to that particular group.


Benefits of Groups

Grouping your users has several benefits:

  1. Assignments: An entire group can be assigned to a user or a folder.  A group can also be used in batch assign. You will just need to Judge Filter and select only the group in question before proceeding to Batch Assign.  More information on Assignments can be found here.
  2. Emails: You can email a group of users. Do this by selecting Send To: People in My Workspace, in the Actions tab.  More information about sending emails can be found here.
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