The Coupons function will allow you to pre-define coupon codes that can be “redeemed” to provide discounts with Payment Processing.

In the Coupon tab there all of the coupons are in the Workspace are listed. Here you can see:

  • Code: The code required to redeem the coupon during checkout
  • Discount: The percentage or dollar amount that will be taken off the purchase total
  • Expiration: The date and time at which the coupon will no longer be valid
  • Max Uses: The number of times that may use the coupon before it becomes invalid. In the example above, only the first 200 users will receive the discount
  • # of Uses: The number of times the coupon has been used thus far
  • On/Off: Whether the coupon is currently valid, off signifies the coupon is not currently valid

To the right of each row in the chart, you will have the option to edit or remove the coupon. To create a coupon, click Add at the button of the Code column. You will be brought to the window seen below to create a coupon. Here you can stipulate what you would like all of the properties seen above to be.

For information on the other parts of advanced cart, please return to  Advanced Cart Overview

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