Workflow Log and Report

Please refer to the Workflow Overview UPDATE LINK article for context.  The Workflow Log provides detail on every Trigger and Action run during a time period.  It is the first place to look when testing Workflows to ensure that the Triggers and Actions are running as expected.  The Workflow Report shows you a summary of the Triggers and Actions in your workspace and helps you to visualize.

Accessing the Workflow Log

When in the Workflow tab, find the button that says "Workflow Log."

You will see this screen after clicking.

Utilizing the Workflow Log

You can use the log in order to view the actions and triggers fired within a specific time period.

  • Enter a Start Date, End Date or Both to show the logs in between the two dates
  • Then click Show to see all of the Triggers that have gone off in the date range

A list of the Trigger, Entry, Time, and Details that have and been evaluated will be listed for the date range.  The Time column indicate when the Trigger condition was evaluated, and the Details column indicate whether each corresponding Action was run.  You may export this view to a .csv file by clicking Export to CSV under the Start Date Field.

Accessing the Workflow Report

On the Workflow tab, click on Workflow Report. You will see a comprehensive list of Triggers and Actions and their attributes on which you can report.  Select the Trigger and Action you are interested in reporting on.  Fields which can be included on a Workflow report include the following:

  • Triggers: Name, Description, Type, Target Folder, Time Lapse, Next Run, Total Runs Left, Associated Actions
  • Actions: Name, Description, Type, Task/Email Content, Assign Task/Send Email to, Target Pagegroup/Workspace
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