Actions: Print Multiple Items

Note: The 'Print' button will not send information directly to your Printer, it will instead create PDF files that you can download and print separately.

The Actions tab enables you to print entries and their attachments as .PDF files. All of these files will be put into a downloadable zip file. To access this functionality, click the Action dropdown and select Print Multiple Items.

After selecting this from the dropdown you will see page similar to the one shown below.

You will then have to select what you would like to print from the three options above.

  • Folder: selects the folder that holds the entries that you are going to print. If you would like to select multiple folders, hold CTRL on your keyboard an select the folders.
  • Include These Forms: selects the forms that will be printed. Selecting All will unselect or select all of the forms in the Workspace.
  • Include Attachment: you may select which attachments you would like included in the print. Unlike the two previous fields, you do not need to select any attachments to run a print.

When all properties are selected, click print. It may take up to a half hour for a print to complete depending on the size and amount of files. After clicking print, the Pending Print Jobs section will appear. This will list all print jobs that are yet to be complete.

The person who requested the print job will receive an email when the print job is ready. The email will not contain the file. Rather, you must retrieve the file from the Print Multiple Items page or on the  Files tab.

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