Copying Data to New Workspaces

Looking to just copy a form into another workspace? Check out our Copying Forms  article.

Copy Data enables you to move data from a form in one Workspace to a form in any other Workspace you are a member of. This feature is helpful for archiving entries into another Workspace.

Copying your data

In the Actions tab, click on the Action dropdown in the top left corner then click "COPY DATA"

Below shows the options for copying data.

At the top on the left side, you will pick the folder and form in the current Workspace that you wish to copy. Choose whether you also want to copy over attachments (usually yes) and reviews (usually no) associated with each entry.

At the top on the right side, you will pick the target Workspace, folder, and form that you would like the entries copied into.

You will see a chart that contains two pre-populated columns, From Field and To Field. Each row in the chart links a field in the existing form to the field in the form that the data is going to be copied to. Make sure that the fields are matched appropriately. Then click Copy. It may take 30 minutes for the copy to appear in the target Workspace. 

Note: It is recommended that you copy from one form to an identical form to ensure all fields match correctly. 

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