Types of Users

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Types of Users

WizeHive has the option of assigning user types to people who have access to Workspaces.  By assigning user types, the Workspace owner and administrators can control how much information each member has access to.  The following table illustrates the types of users that can be created and the associated level of access that will be assigned: 

  • Administrator
  • Full member
  • Limited user
  • Strict limited user

Administrator Email Hidden Admin Full member Limited user Strict Limited
Delete Workspace X X X
Access Administrator backend X X X
Can move records in folders X X
Can see all My WizeHive entries, notes, tasks, comments

Can only see notes they have been granted access to or privilege to X
Can only see entries they have been granted access to or privilege to in Review Portals X X
Members of Workspace can see their email address X X

Special Considerations:

  • A user that is added to the People tab will be able to log in to the Review Portal and to the backend (as long as they are provided with those URLs -- most limited members are only provided the Portal URL)
  • On rare occasions, judges who are assigned to the Review Portal have logged in to the backend of WizeHive.
  • When you are adding reviewers or judges to the workspace, they are normally added as limited users. But if you want your reviewer to see reviews on the backend of WizeHive, they need to be added as a Full Member.  Limited Members cannot see any reviews in the backend nor can they make a review from the backend.
  • If you desire an additional level of security, you can enable Privileges.  This tab allows you to assign permissions to defined users of your Workspace, which controls their ability to view submissions in the Workspace.  When using permissions, you can limit which submissions users will have access to view.

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